Submission Guidelines 


Please state your experience level. 

(This is not to judge you, but simply gives an idea of how far we need to go before we begin.)

         A. Just getting started. (I know it can be overwhelming.)

         B. Trying your hand at it, but not sure what to do. (You're on the right track.)

         C. Have a considerable amount of dabbling in the written word. (Moving forward with a purpose.)

         D. Have penned one or more unpublished manuscript. (Discovered the love of writing.)

         E. You're a Self-Published / Published Author. (It's becoming a good obsession.)

         F. You are already famous. (It's all you do.)

         -A or B - Please send your first chapter only. I will be happy to go through it, make helpful notations /                                  suggestions to set you on the right track.

        -C - Send 3 chapters for review. I will gladly make comments / suggestions (as above) and return. If you are                       happy, then we have an accord and can begin immediately.

       - D or E – You may send the entire manuscript and we will move into the process.

       - F – Please send an autographed copy to the address I provide. And, yes, I want to work together.

​                                                                               Rules


  1. We are both professionals and I will extend every courtesy while providing honest comments and feedback, both positive and negative. 

   2. Please note, if you are angry, hostile, or aggressive, in email, over the telephone, Zoom, or any form of                             communication, I'm afraid we will not work well as a team and our business arrangement will need to end.

   3. By using my service, you are agreeing to have your name listed on my website as a client. For published authors           this could act as another source of exposure.I


   4. I will never sell, copy, or offer your work or personal information to any other person or entitiy.

   5. Before starting, please discuss your desires; character development, plot, editing (grammar and punctuation), etc..