Let me begin by saying I love writing, reading, editing and everything about it. I have read, and still actively read, nearly every genre. But, Fantasy and Sci-Fi hold a special place in my heart. Thanks in large part to authors such as Tolkien, Eddings, Asimov, and others too numerous to mention.

   I am driven to stay current on writing market trends, to know what sells, what fans enjoy reading, and how to write for their tastes. Part of my in-depth knowledge comes from personal experiences at working with small publishing houses and self-publishing various works, myself. 

   At the tender age of 18, I joined the United States Air Force, and after blinking a few times, 21 years had passed. Suddenly, after a lifestyle of traveling the globe, I retired and free to pursue a lifelong dream.

   That is when my attention turned to writing, editing, helping others find a love of the written word, and to chase a dream. Now, I routinely attempt to organize random thoughts into workable pages, not only of my own creation, but others, as well.

   My vast world-building skill comes from extensive travels. I have had the pleasure of visiting Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Germany, Greece, Turkey, and many others. I also participated in Desert Shield / Desert Storm. I have hiked, backpacked, camped, kayaked, and traveled in many beautiful states, including South Dakota, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Louisana, and more.

   On the personal side, my interests include any martial art or self-defense. They simply fascinate me and have for nearly fifty years. Aikido, Jiu Jitsu and boxing are my loves, but I believe all styles carry value.

   Additionally, I love working with my hands, various crafts, woodworking, hiking, camping, four-wheeling, and nearly anything that gets me outside. I rarely go anywhere in nature without my dog by my side. There’s simply something special about spending time together with my pawed buddy.

   Presently, I live in the beautiful state of Idaho with my family, and a few furry companions, who without doubt, rule the kingdom.